THAT Go Fund Me thing….

Now the dust has settled, or so I thought, I thought it time to write this on here. I don’t feel I NEED to explain anything to anybody, although the posts I made after it went viral unfortunately didn’t get anywhere near the coverage. They certainly never filtered down to the people who like to hide behind a keyboard….

Karma will get you, you are a lying son of a bitch!!!! Wish it had been your that had gone over the Viaduct and not the camera!!

That’s just one of the numerous hate mails I received over the last few weeks.

So what happened? Where it all began….

December 10th I got made redundant from work. With 5 minutes notice. I am still owed 3 weeks pay, plus holiday pay for over Christmas plus redundancy, this is all going through solicitors as I type. I took on some small jobs to try and get me by over and through the holiday period. I’m a joiner by trade and will turn my hand to anything.

Now those small jobs weren’t going to even pay the bills, so I had to prioritise my outgoings. Camera insurance was indeed one of those that I had to cut at £41 per month, something I’ve never needed to use in the past, and although a risky one to cut with the amount of kit I have, it had to be done.

A couple of weeks passed by and I went for a wander on a viaduct with my camera. A Sony a7rii and Sony 24-70 2.8 G Master (total just under £4000). It was a horrid day but I needed to get out of the house, and my camera goes everywhere with me. Unfortunately as I was shooting along the river, a strong gust of wind hit me, I stepped back and the camera caught the railings and fell to it’s untimely death into the river below.

This is where it all started to get out of control. I messaged a few friends, and by the time I got home some had set up a Go Fund Me thing.

Lets get this clear. I HATE these things. I see it as a form of begging. That isn’t me and anyone who knows me knows this. I did NOT want this. At all.

I know they set it up out of love and kindness, thinking they were doing the right thing, but for me personally, it wasn’t. I asked them straight away to take it down, they refused profusely to remove it.

You’re a great photographer, but you’ve got some balls to ask that, and for that I have lost all respect for you!!

I called my home insurance to see if it was covered by them. The guy I got said straight away it wasn’t. I thought I’d lost nearly £4000 worth of gear with no job to replace it.

After receiving more messages of displeasure, hate, call it what you will, I just wanted to go into hiding. I spoke to Mark again and begged him to take the fundraiser down. By this time it had made £2000+ in a little over 24 hours. As much as I hated it, it did make me realise there are some kind folk out there who appreciate what I do, and for that I am eternally grateful. However, it’s always the negative that sticks, especially when it’s about something I totally disagreed with from the start. He finally agreed to remove it, and everyone got their donations refunded. I felt a massive weight lifted.

I had to think about my own future and reputation here, look after my own integrity and for this reason alone it had to be removed. Everything I have ever owned I have worked for, damned hard for. I don’t take handouts and I never will.

A couple of days went by and I spoke with a friend who told me not to give up on the home insurance route, so I called again. This time they gave me hope, took more details, and told me they would get back to me as it might be covered. I heard nothing, so I called again, and got someone different, and they agreed that it was all covered and the first person I poke to should never have said otherwise!

You’re lucky you live so far away otherwise I’d come down there and kick your head in you cheeky bastard!

When I found out that they were going to cover it, it was a massive relief. When you treat your camera and photography as your escape from the stresses of every day life, taking photos is more than just for pleasure, it’s for my own mental sanity.

Three weeks ago now I received my new gear, like for like replacement was the order of the day as it works for me.

Great news on the job front too as I am now fully employed again as of last week after finally receiving my P45 from my previous employer who screwed the whole workforce over, and being taken on full time from the guy I was doing odd jobs for.

I guess the latest hate post came through from my last blog from my Glencoe trip on Sunday as I just received that one tonight, after I thought the whole saga had blown over.

I consider myself extremely lucky, in every respect, as I have no ties to stop me going where and when I want with the camera. I have a great small circle of friends who we always share the costs which makes these journeys possible.

I’d love this to get to the folk who maybe still think my new camera was funded by the begging page, IT WAS NOT. Sharing’s caring and all that….